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Affordable Ways to Landscape Your Rental Property

Landscape your rental property

Owning a property may look like easy money to an outsider, but that is far from the truth. It requires a lot of work from the landlord to ensure that the rental property is well maintained. Aside from keeping the house functional, the landlord has to ensure that the property is appealing in order to […]

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How to Write a Good Property Listing

When marketing your rental property, sparking interest and grabbing your target market’s attention is your main goal. To meet this, you need to write a great property listing. Remember that you won’t be in front of prospective renters, so you can’t convince them verbally. You’re also not able to physically show them the property yet. […]

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Best Practices for Landlords During the Coronavirus Pandemic

What landlords should be doing during corona pandemic

The coronavirus global pandemic caught everyone off guard at the start of the year. Its rate of infection continues to increase, triggering everyone’s anxiety. As a landlord, one of your responsibilities is ensuring your tenants’ safety. This is shown by helping to curb the community spread in your property, especially if you own a multi-family […]

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How to Attract & Retain Long-Term Tenants

As a property owner, finding and retaining long-term tenants is a good idea. Oftentimes, these are high-quality tenants who pay their rent in a timely manner and who don’t cause problems. In general, long-term tenants will cause you less stress. Not to mention, the return on investment is much higher with these kinds of renters. […]

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7 Tips to be a Successful Landlord

tips to be a good landlord

If you are thinking about renting out your property to a renter, or already do have a rental property but think you could be a better landlord, there are several tips that can help you succeed. Oftentimes, landlords get a bad reputation because they don’t treat their rental investment with the focus that it requires. […]

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California Eviction Process


Evicting a tenant in California is a process that has many steps. Before an eviction takes place, a landlord has to terminate the tenancy. The termination calls for giving the tenant a written notice. There are different types of termination notices depending on the particular case. In the following paragraphs, we’ll go over the key […]

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